Hotel Search Engine Advertising

Target your audience at every stage of the sales funnel and increase direct revenue. Find new guests and target search engines relevant to your feeder markets.

Search Engine Advertising for Hotels

Drive Traffic From All Major Search Engines

Google Advertising for hotels
Microsoft Advertising (Bing) Hotel Metasearch management by Revzuno
Yahoo Japan Advertising for hotels
Naver Korean Advertising for Hotels
Yandex Russia Advertising for Hotels
Baidu Chinese Search Engine

Search Engine Advertising
Strategies For Hotel Brands

Brand Search

Brand Search

Capture users that have demonstrated high intent by searching your property name and protect your brand from OTAs trying to hijack this highly valuable traffic.
Generic & Semi Generic

Generic & Semi Generic

Find new potential customers looking for hotels in your destinations and/or from the same hotel group and 



Deliver highly personalised Ads based on the pages visited by your web users that did not convert and bring them back to your website.

CPA or CPC, Run Ads Your Way

Enjoy a fully flexible approach with CPC and stay in control of bids, budgets and targeted audiences. Or, take a risk free route with CPA and pay only for checkout bookings.
CPC and CPA Search Advertising for Hotels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

SEA refers to the practice of paying to rank higher in search engine results for targeted keywords. Ads are generally displayed above organic results.

Why Should You Run SEA Campaigns

Search Advertising is a critical piece of your direct booking strategy. Not only is it important t0 protect your brand from OTA that bids on your brand terms, but it also the best source to find potential guests.

How Much Should I Spend Per Month On SEA

This will depend on various factor such as your target audience, your ADR on your website. It will all comes down to ROI which you will want to be at least above 1:8

What Countries Can be Targeted?

Google Ads will allow you to target pretty much all countries worldwide, although it is important to note that regional search engines should also be considered such as Yahoo for Japan, Yandex for Russia, Baidu for China and Naver for South-Korea.

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